Best Reggae Songs 2017 Top 10 List

Going the Halo Way with Reggae Songs: It is almost a rarity to come across someone who has not heard about a phenomenon called Bob Marley, or listened to his songs, or just seen his picture. There are t-shirts, handkerchiefs, caps, jackets, wrist bands and a whole lot of merchandise that carry his image (literal). If you are talking about greatest Reggae songs, this icon surely fits the bill. During the 1960’s, in Kingston Jamaica, when local bands were busy belting out contemporary sounds, some drummers started emphasizing on the after-beat, which includes the 4/4 allotment in unison with the guitar and piano.

Top 10 Reggae Songs

The bass catered to the quarter notes in this juncture. From “upside-down R&B to ‘SKA” and “Rock steady”, the sound underwent several transitions alongside contents that encapsulated political and social unrest in the region. Thus, reggae was born. Their top Reggae songs like

Top 10 Reggae Songs List 2017

  1. No Woman, No Cry – Bob Marley & the Wailers
  2. Duppy Gunman – Ernie Smith
  3. Fly Rasta – Ziggy Marley
  4. On The Beach – The Paragons
  5. Armagideon Time – Willie Williams
  6. Chant Down Babylon – Bob Marley
  7. Buddy Bye – Johnny Osbourne
  8. Courage to Grow – Rebelution
  9. Natural Mystic – Bob Marley
  10. This Magic Moment – Leroy Gibbons

Best Reggae Songs List – Reggae Love Songs

  • Mama Africa – Peter Tosh
  • Family Affair – Shabba Ranks
  • Satta Massagana – The Abyssinians
  • Play de Music – Ernie Smith
  • Guava Jelly – Johnny Nash
  • Above the Bones – Mishka
  • Freedom Street – Ken Boothe
  • Talk About Love – Pat Kelly
  • Love Forever – Cynthia Schloss
  • Amid the Noise and Haste – SOJA

The music contains a stripped-down, slower, compressed and Pop-like effect with added accents on every 3rd beat. You can find an incorrigible groove that is slow yet very steady. It makes your head drool and not bang or swing like metal. Music here is more on the hallucinating or trance-core side, which takes you for a trip down cerebral lanes. Bob Marley’s epoch-making “Bum Bholenath” takes audiences to an instant spiritual journey and subsequent ecstasy. Some of the new Reggae songs like-

Latest New Reggae Songs 2017 List

  • Lions – Skip Marley
  • Chauffeur – Rebel Souljahz
  • Take Her – Common Kings
  • Klok Con Klok – Ceky Viciny
  • Seasons – Shaggy ft. Omi
  • Lost in Paradise – Common Kings
  • Fast – Alkaline
  • Likes – Chronixx
  • Full Extreme – Ultimate Rejects
  • Steppin – Christopher Martin ft. Busy Signal

All these have been downright hits and are still cult favorites. You have scores of record-deal artists like Tools and the Maytals, Jimmy Cliff, The Abyssinians, Dennis Brown and Desmond Decker and The Aces who have contributed greatly to the music. All these some outstanding numbers continue to floor audiences worldwide. Best Reggae songs remain popular choice of music for many to this day.

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