Top Punjabi Songs List 2017

Punjabi Songs: Punjabi people are considered as very fond of music. Music artist and singers of Punjab do hard work and do much research on music to make it more cheerful. Punjabi songs have something special that attract everyone’s attention. As we know Punjabi people are very hard working, they put every possible effort to make Punjabi songs more energetic and refreshing. Need not to mention but it’s true that today Punjabi music is turned into a brand new universal music. Punjabi songs are not only popular in Punjab it covers the whole world. The happy and joyful nature of Punjabis is reflected in theirRead More →

Latest English Songs 2017

Top Ten English Songs Will Ring in Your Ears For A Lifetime The history of English songs traces back to long days. The composition of English songs mainly took place in the English speaking countries, and it began with art songs in the 16th century. However, with the progression of time, lots of new styles and genres have evolved and they have played a great role in creating a great impact among people across the world. Today, English songs are not only composed in English speaking countries, but also in the native countries. However, some of the top English Songs mainly come from Britain andRead More →

Top 10 Children Songs

While other trends plunge, children songs trend continues its aloof rise with over 2200 babies born daily. Of the children born this year, one is creating a right royal fuss. George Alexander Louis now 3rd in line to the throne. The life-changing bonding between child and parents is one that is inspired art for decades and centuries and was approached by music artists from each side of the proverbial block. Below are some of the emotionally thumping, heartbreaking and beautiful English children songs. Top 10 Children Songs of All Time Gingle Bells by Frank Sinatra (1957) This particular children christmas songs has a catchy tuneRead More →

Top Country Songs 2017

Country Songs are that kind of a music which came from the rural area of south America, it taken from the folk and western dance culture, blues modes taken from the recorded history, this kind of famous music simply use simple music and simple instruments to play and give a relief to our mind. There are natural and original feel song are coming into this category, best country songs are relief to play, and its popularity is more in old age people in age group between 40-80’s year old people to make peace into their heart as well, good country songs are sang by popularRead More →

Top 10 Chinese Songs 2017

It is daunting to come up with a list of popular Chinese songs of all time as Chinese musical history is rich with songs. Any ranking is subjective. This is just my picks of popular Chinese songs. Top 10 Popular Chinese Songs 2017 List 01.  The Moon Represents My Heart (2005) This is one of the greatest hits of Teresa Teng. Teng was professionally known for her romantic ballads and folk songs. Many Chinese songs became standards in her career, including ‘The moon represents my heart’ and ‘When will you return?’ The song has been a favourite at karaoke parlors and performances for years. ItRead More →

Best Friendship Songs 2017

New Friendship Songs 2017 List – Are those evergreen songs that have englishtened the hearts of millions of friends all over the world. Love may come and go, people may move on with life but the friendship holds on forever. This is the reason popular friendship songs have been praised all over the world by everyone. These songs are for every occasion whether you are reuniting with a long lost friend or thinking about a buddy with whom you haven’t talked in long years, these friendship songs will make you nostalgic and make you feel the longing of a friend. Here we provided list ofRead More →