Top Pop Songs 2017

Pop Songs is a genre of popular music originally derives from the term popular, originated in its modern form in the 1950s. It is based on rock and roll that can include any specific style. The list of popular pop songs can be played in any party to entertain them and enjoy your party. These songs have its own specific style and as a music genre, most popular pop songs are very eclectic. The borrowing elements include urban, rock, dance, Latin and country. The core elements to define pop music are rock and roll. The catchy hooks, melodic tunes and the repeated choruses are theRead More →

Top Rock Songs 2017

Rock Songs was originated in the late of the 1940s, but became popular in the 1950s in America and Europe and now it is a worldwide famous genre of music. It is based on the older musical styles garnished with a wide variety of styles and now has become a very popular and dominant form of music. Rock music is constantly reinvented and redefined itself and called as a volatile and erratic creature in the music field. Rock music is identified as Rock and Roll hard-edged music songs that are performed with the electric guitars, drums and bass. Rock songs have their own significance inRead More →

Latest Hip Hop Songs 2017

Hip Hop songs also called as rap music, is one of the most popular music genres consists of a stylized rhythmic music that is generally a combination of rapping, a rhythmic as well as a rhyming speech that is chanted throughout. It is developed as a part of hip hop culture and its subculture includes four key stylistic elements i.e. MCing/rapping, break dancing, DJing/scratching and graffiti writing. The other elements include sampling or synthesis, and beat boxing. Sometimes hip hop music is called as rap music though rapping is not required for new Hip Hop songs 2017 but it has some essence of rapping. TheRead More →

Best House Music 2017

House music is an electronic dance music genre and currently recognized as club music since from the late eighties. It is derived from the disco music and typically features a 4/4 beat structure originated in Chicago. House music uses many other sounds like funk, synths and soul and can said as a combination of various other genres to create a new sound like electro house, disco house and tribal house. Initially it was popular in Chicago only but now it is worldwide famous and people love to hear this genre of music in various occasions. Generally this music involves dance based music that’s why PopularRead More →

Country Wedding Songs

Top Country Wedding Songs 2017 List: Wedding is one of the most memorable occasion of everyone’s life and everyone has some special plans for the wedding, in which wedding songs are also one of the most important thing that one need to consider for their wedding. In Bollywood we have many top Wedding songs that will add-on in your wedding occasion. So in this new beginning of life, let’s play your favorite list of wedding songs that make your wedding more memorable and a most delighted event for everyone. Basically wedding songs include many occasions of wedding like Mehndi, Sangeet and many other occasions ofRead More →

Top Party Songs List 2017

Top 100 Party Songs 2017 List: Songs has immense power to turn your mood and you will come out from where you were. As we no occasion is completed without music and if this will be any sort of party then some best Party songs are must to have. These DJ Dance Party Music Hits 2017 make your party more dazzling as well as memorable for you and for your guest also. can turn every simple looking occasion to the dazzling occasion. If anyone who has tears in their eyes prefer to hear sad songs and when people want to enjoy any occasion they preferRead More →