DJ Remixes Songs 2017

DJ Remixes Songs: DJ is said as Disc Jockey i.e. a person who plays music for an audience. There are various types of DJ’s like radio DJ’s, club DJ’s, hip hop DJ’s etc. The origin of DJ’s is from late 60s when the development of sound and amplification technology came in force and competes with the traditional orchestra music. DJ remixes songs have the ability to fill the dance floor due to its powerful sound. While organizing any event like wedding event, parties or anything else, you have to handle lot of things. Entertainment of guest is an important part for the success of anyRead More →

Top 10 Fusion Songs

Fusion Songs – Does that sound confusing? No, they are not at all. There’s no big science evolved in these types of songs. Fusion means a mix of two or more things, just like that – it is a mixture or you can say that a composition of different type of songs which include different type of music elements as well as a genre and by putting them all together they form a best fusion songs. It is becoming so common now a days that every time we have a best mixed sounds which itself relate to fusion songs. There are so many forms inRead More →

Top Wedding Songs 2017

Emotions And Feelings Of Love And Passion Expressed Through Wedding Songs Since Time Immemorial From the ancient time till date, the Wedding Songs have played a pivotal role in this joyous ceremony. It is evident that the songs create the special ambience that every Indian wedding wears during the days of ceremonies. Although like Indian weddings, weddings of other traditions and cultures also, give an important role in the ceremony. However, the songs in an Indian wedding are rather related with the cultural importance. Owing to this, in different rituals of the Indian wedding, different songs are performed. They all are related to the particularRead More →

Top Club Songs 2017

Club Songs 2017 Playlists: Nowadays songs have become an essential part for any party especially for the youngster’s party who like to spend their time with friends, dancing, drinking and mingling. Whether it is a personal party or professional party, music has an important role for entertaining people present over there. But you only need to play songs as per gathering and the type of party. Playing the right track can make people enjoy your party. So, while going to plan any party just make a theme and set you party as per your theme. If you are planning for club party you have toRead More →

Best Brother Sister Songs

Brother Sister Songs – Builds Bond among Siblings : Are the songs sung to show the affection between the two, they share a bond like none other and can be recognised easily in the crowd. The songs are usually played on “Brothers and Sisters Day” which is celebrated on May 02. Though these beautiful songs are sung on different themes and contexts yet are capable of finding their place on any occasion. The lyrics combined with music make the songs very beautiful. These songs usually touched their hearts and often people are seen having wet eyes. The songs itself describe the emotional bond between theRead More →

Best Romantic Songs 2017

Find The Latest Heart touching Romantic Songs for your Wedding Rituals Wedding is a very special moment for bride and groom both as well as for their families. They want to make this special occasion memorable by wonderful arrangements, for that there is a need of lots of preparation before wedding ceremony. Marriage ceremony is incomplete without attractive decoration, delicious cuisine, and romantic songs. Lovely music makes the every small to big moment of wedding like Mehndi function, Haldi function, Ladies Sangeet, etc. superb! Bollywood is famous for romantic music since black & white era. Bollywood songs are full of love and emotion. Indian cinemaRead More →