Best Romantic Songs 2017

Find The Latest Heart touching Romantic Songs for your Wedding Rituals Wedding is a very special moment for bride and groom both as well as for their families. They want to make this special occasion memorable by wonderful arrangements, for that there is a need of lots of preparation before wedding ceremony. Marriage ceremony is incomplete without attractive decoration, delicious cuisine, and romantic songs. Lovely music makes the every small to big moment of wedding like Mehndi function, Haldi function, Ladies Sangeet, etc. superb! Bollywood is famous for romantic music since black & white era. Bollywood songs are full of love and emotion. Indian cinemaRead More →

Best Jazz Songs

Jazz Music basically comes from African-American communities and its roots lies in integrating by African-Americans of certain European Harmony. It forms elements with their existing African based music. Smooth Jazz songs is totally based on African music and clearly shows the use of blue notes, polyrhythms, syncopation as well as swung note. In its early days Jazz incorporate the popular form of music called as American popular music. Jazz love songs recognized well in the 70s and especially derived for the Congo dance which began in the period of 1970s. Now these best Jazz songs 2017 list received all around popularity. As we all knowRead More →

Best Rain Songs List

Rain Songs for a Rainy Day: Rainy season means enjoyment and no enjoyment will be possible without songs. So here comes the list of best Rain songs, play this list and enjoy this beautiful season. This season have a powerful effect on the people because sometimes the dark clouds put a damper on whatever you are doing and sound of the raindrops distract you from your work. At the same time rain songs can make your mood of joy and you will forget everything and enjoy the drops of water with these songs. Rains can also being strangely relax your mind and the Rain songsRead More →

Top Bollywood Songs 2017

Bollywood songs are that kind of a music which Indicates to all the Bollywood cinema and a music which include all the genre as – sad songs, love songs, romantic songs, hot songs, these are the music which is specifically taken from the Hindi movies and all the written by the great writer’s by mixing the feeling of nature, love, romance and different activity in the world in between the people in World, Bollywood having its fan club in all around the world and its songs are also very much popular in the same category. Top 10 Best Bollywood Songs of the Week May 2017Read More →

Best Happy Songs 2017

Happy Songs are those songs that make you happy instantly and change your mood completely. These songs will instantly put you in a good mood whether you are upset or stressed just play them and again you will fell energetic and enjoy the feeling of happiness. If you are sad or feeling like to cry then just play the list of top 10 Happy Songs of all time your mood will change. It is a scientifically proven fact that music is a powerful tool that can ease anxiety, lower stress and even boost your heart health. As we know every song has its special meaningRead More →

Top Dance Songs 2017

We all love dancing and in the music industry there are musicians and singers who have composed dance songs. These best dance songs make you feel enchanted and tap your feet to the rhythm on the dance floor. The recent trends and studies show that good dance songs are the most popular wedding dance songs which have been liked more by the youngsters. The list of top 10 dance songs of all time that have also topped the list of new dance songs 2017 goes like this. Top 10 New Dance Songs 2017 List 01.  Finally Found You by Enrique Iglesias ft. Sammy Adams: isRead More →