Top 10 Best Children Songs List – Christian Childrens Nursery Songs

While other trends plunge, children songs trend continues its aloof rise with over 2200 babies born daily. Of the children born this year, one is creating a right royal fuss. George Alexander Louis now 3rd in line to the throne. The life-changing bonding between child and parents is one that is inspired art for decades and centuries and was approached by music artists from each side of the proverbial block. Below are some of the emotionally thumping, heartbreaking and beautiful English children songs.

Top 10 Children Songs

Top 10 Children Songs of All Time

Gingle Bells by Frank Sinatra (1957) This particular children christmas songs has a catchy tune and its chorus is easy to remember. This is one of the first Christian children songs taught to children at an early age.

Lions & Tigers by Sleater-Kinney (2002) In the album, One Beat’s pointed politics, Lions & Tigers appears as a bonus track on the difficult circumstances in which the child was born. The track carries a charming pop skew.  It is more crass than cute but the leonine and chatter Marshal ‘grrrl’. This is one of the best childrens nursery songs.

Stay Up Late by Talking Heads (1985) Found on the accordingly titled ‘Little Creatures’, this piece of 1980s pomp from the Talking Heads David Byrne torn between the implied implication of treating her like a puppet and the childish glee of his new baby girl. It is the breezy mess around before the early morning wake-up. This children song lyrics are easy to learn.

Precious by Depeche Mode (2005) Though Gore is professionally known for being guarded about his lyrical representation, he created an exceptional admittance that this track considered the impact his divorce from wife Suzanne must have done on his children. As in the lyrical references to fragile objects, brittle, the children songs honesty cuts through the punk band’s sheen in self-deprecating, affecting triumph.

Isn’t She Lovely? by Stevie Wonder (1976) This track to wonder Jr Aisha Morris creates a highly solid case for highest ratio of words that aren’t lovely: words that are lovely in recorded music. It’s a bit saccharine however when a chap sings this happy, you can’t help forgive him.

Christian Childrens Nursery Songs

Just the Two of Us by Will Smith (1997) Basically a love song written by Grover Washington and Bill Withers, Jr Smith imagines romantic skin into the body his 1990s jester character to deliver an ode about the connection between son and father. If you ever feel out of touch with changing generations take a brief consolation in Smith’s pain.

Rufus is a Tit Man by Loudon Wainwright (1998) Although not much of an ironically tit-man present days his ditty was written when Rufus was breastfeeding her children. You can download these amazing children songs using children mp3 songs download.

Mouth’s Cradle by Bjork (2004) From a perspective on breast feeding to other. To its lyrical rendering it might take a more abstract approach. The Childrens songs reflects the preoccupation of Icelandic music artist Bjork during her pregnancy when writing her 6th studio album “Medulla”. To reflect the passionate and ancient spirit describing human life, the album’s title was choses. Medulla is the medical term for bone marrow.

Here For You by Neil Young (2005) Neil Young never leave the things in middle. If he is in love, he is pretty enough about telling about that. If he is sad, he is in the gutter heartbroken. This track is written for his daughter, Amber Jean, when she was in her final year of college. At the age of 21, Amber is one of the oldest recipients on the list.

Top 10 Best Hindi Children Songs List

  1. Dadi Amma Dadi Amma Maan Jao
  2. Chanda Mama Door Se
  3. Nanha Munna Rahi Hoon
  4. Ichak Dana Bichak Dana
  5. Hai Na Bolo Bolo
  6. Teetar Ke Do Age Teetar
  7. Sa Re Ke Sa Re
  8. Nani Teri Morni Ko
  9. Re Mama Re Mama Re
  10. Ek Baat Do, Do Bate Char

These are all the best Children Songs ever that the parents must dedicate to their children.

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