Top 10 Best Summer Songs of 2017

Greatest Summer Songs 2017 List: Summer is the a very hot and humid season and we all love to have something which soothes our mind body and soul and apparently cool good Summer songs are equally melodious to listen and feel. Beaches are the main attraction for the general public and the beach songs are again mesmerizing and we all love them. The list of top 10 Summer songs goes like this-

Top Summer Songs

Top 10 Summer Songs List 2017

01.  Take Back The Night by Justin Timberlake: Through this song the singer has tried to imbibe the mirage concept which we often see and witness during the damn hot summer afternoon.

02.  Closer by Tegan and Sara: is a beautiful song sung by Cyrus and through this song he has tried to create a soothing music to the ears which relaxes the mind and soul of the listeners even in the hot and humid climate.

03.  The One by Tamar Braxton: says that even the sun and its deep itching sun rays cannot stop them from accomplishing their goals and live their life to the fullest, great songs about summer.

04.  Heart Attack by Demi Lovato: amidst waters is something which cools the body and mind. Water is the optimal solution which saves us from the heat and sun rays.

05.  Hey Love by Quadron: in hot spunky summer is the cool ice and the chilly cool air waves from the air conditioners which also help in maintaining the balance of the body. At the end of the day we all get quenched and drenched with the heat and dusty weather of the summers and ultimately it is the cool waves which help us in relaxing.

Best Summer Songs List – New Beach Songs 2017

06.  Holy Grail by Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z: is another beautiful song in which the singer has tried to portray that the cool things in house attract us towards themselves. The never ending thirst in the hot and humid summer is another devastating reason as to why people tend to get attracted more towards the refrigerators, ACs and other cooling commodities.

07.  Feel This Moment by Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera: is a new summer songs which says that even during this hot and humid climate do something which helps you in forgetting the pains of the heat and enjoy the climate to its fullest.

08.  The way by Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller: by indulging into some frivolous activities and enjoy the summers like shopping cool and attractive apparels or beach wears which would be suiting to the occasion when stepping out with family and friends to enjoy the day.

09.  I Need Your Love by Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding: Surfing and water skiing is another one of the major and very interesting water sports to play. When going to the beach this sport becomes one of the favorite pass time of the tourists.

10.  Beautiful by Mariah Carey ft. Miguel: Sometime when you are completely devastated with the heat then instead play this song as the refreshing melodies of this song would sooth you.

Best Summer Songs are really lovely to hear and one will definitely enjoy listening to it.

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