Top 10 Friendship Songs 2017 List – Best Friends Song – Friendship Day

New Friendship Songs 2017 List – Are those evergreen songs that have englishtened the hearts of millions of friends all over the world. Love may come and go, people may move on with life but the friendship holds on forever. This is the reason popular friendship songs have been praised all over the world by everyone. These songs are for every occasion whether you are reuniting with a long lost friend or thinking about a buddy with whom you haven’t talked in long years, these friendship songs will make you nostalgic and make you feel the longing of a friend. Here we provided list of top 10 friendship songs including songs about growing up.

Best Friendship Songs 2017

Top 10 Friendship Songs 2017 List – Popular Friends Songs

01.  Circle of Friends by Point of Grace (1996) This beautiful song written in 1971 is a true masterpiece which has remain evergreen till now. A heartwarming song this was based on how friends are there for each other helping and supporting. It remained #1 throughout 1971. A must listen friendship songs for all the true friends.

02.  The Friendship Theme by Bette Midler First recorded as a pop song by Andrew Gold, this song became an instant hit. It became a youth icon telling about the joys of friendship. It beautifully explains how people treasure true friendship. This song was immortalized when it was chosen as the theme song for the TV series Golden Girl. An entire generation grew up listening to this warm song.

03.  Best Friend by S CLUB 7 When this song first hit the market it became an instant #1. It became a standard best friendship songs of that time. This song taught the people of how friends can depend upon each other in time of need when every other person has left you.

04.  My One True Friend by Bette Midler (1998) First released as theme song for the TV series FRIENDS, this song became an instant hit. Its popularity grew so much that finally the band Rembrandts were forced to record and release it as a separate commercial single. It isntantly reached #1. This song celebrates the humour in the friendship.

05.  You’ve Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman (1995) A song dedicated to those people who see their life partners, their lovers as their best friends. This song is a tribute to that special person in your life.

Best Friends Friendship Songs List

06.  Now and Forever by Carole King (1993) A memorable friendship songs sung as an eulogy for a friend in the movie Beaches became an unforgettable classic. This song won a Grammy for its superb wordings. Truly a memorable song for mourning a friend.

07.  That’s What Friends Are For by Dionne Warwick and Friends (1985) Never released as a single until 1968 this song is one of its kind. It tell how friends can get you out from romantic troubles.

08.  I’ll be There for You by The Rembrandts (1995) ”Partly used for Apply iPAD commercial this song released in 2011 celebrates the friendship. A perfect song to be played when you are out with friends and want to celebrate.

09.  Gift of a Friend by Demi Lovato (2009) This song slautes the enduring power of friendship and the fruits it gives. Released in 2007 this song remained #1 for the whole year. Truly this friendship songs is a benchmark when you salute the thing called friendship.

10.  Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae (2006) Written as a soundtrack for the movie Night shift this song became a classic. This song tells about the glory of friendship and the time the friendship songs endures to become a blessing of life.

Every word of these beautiful friendship songs hit a chord in the listeners heart and their thoughts unknowingly divert towards the beautiful moments spent with the friends. Friendship songs are really touching.

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