Top 10 Most Popular New Chinese Songs 2017 List

It is daunting to come up with a list of popular Chinese songs of all time as Chinese musical history is rich with songs. Any ranking is subjective. This is just my picks of popular Chinese songs.

Top 10 Popular Chinese Songs 2017 List

01.  The Moon Represents My Heart (2005) This is one of the greatest hits of Teresa Teng. Teng was professionally known for her romantic ballads and folk songs. Many Chinese songs became standards in her career, including ‘The moon represents my heart’ and ‘When will you return?’ The song has been a favourite at karaoke parlors and performances for years. It expresses that words are inadequate to convey the speaker’s love. This is one of the great Chinese love songs.

02.  Silence is Golden (1967) Leslie Cheung composed ‘Silence is Golden’ in 1998. The song was later adapted to both Taiwanese and Mandarin versions. Find these Chinese songs online.

Top 10 Chinese Songs 2017

03.  The Most Romantic Thing (2008) What is the most romantic thing in life in your opinion? Some people say candle-light dinner, singing love songs, and giving flowers are very romantic things. But, The Most Romantic Thing of Cyndi Chaw will tell you that the people who can grow old with their beloved ones will feel the most happiness.

Best Chinese Christian Songs List 2017

04.  Nothing to My Name (1986) This track is a 1986 pop song by Cui Jian. It is considered one of the most influential and a must to sing Chinese songs.

05.  As Sweet As Honey (1979) Tian Mimi or As sweet as honey is one of the most populous love songs sung by pop legend Chinese singer Teresa Teng.

06.  Childhood (1979) Lo Ta-yu sang this Chilhood track in 1979. This song always reminds many people of their childhood days. This Chinese children song is the popular single in Ta-yu’s debut album, Zhi hu zhe ye released in 1982.

Best Chinese Songs List

07.  Intimate Lovers (2010) Zhi Xin Ai Ren or Intimate Lovers is a pop duet song with melodious tune. The couple singers: Fu Disheng and Ren Jing sang this song. This is one of the Chinese Christian songs.

08.  Kangding Love Song (2008) Kangding refers to a home of love songs. Kangding love song is a famous folk song from Kangding. Its catchy rhythm and simple melody are very easy to sing and remember. Its lyrics express theme of love. The song was an immense hit many decades ago and can be heard till to date in karaoke bars and on the radio in China.

09.  Choice (2005) Xuan Ze or Choice was a duet sung by George Lam and Sally Yeh.

10.  Loving You 10 Thousand Years (2009) Hong Kong Canto pop singer Andy Lau sang this Loving You 10 Thousand Years track.

11.  Meet At Aobao (2008) Aobao Xianghui or Meet At Aobao is a popular Mongolian folk song, however, most of Chinese people can sing this love song. The song describes a teenager anxiously waiting beside an aobao for his girlfriend on a moonlight night.

12.  Liang Zhu Butterfly Lovers (1994) This classic music work is composed in 1958 by He Zhanhao and Chen Gang. It is one of the popular classics in the Chinese music history.

13.  In A Faraway Place (2012) This is an amazing Chinese folk song, which is very popular. A rich prince sings about a girl that he has a crush on but cannot be able to marry because of differences in status and wealth.

Now whenever you find leisure time, tune to these new Chinese songs 2017, which offer you peace of mind.

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