Top 10 New Malayalam Songs 2017 List

Malayalam Songs always find a special place in the heart of music lovers, as because you can always reinvent the language and reassemble them to create different genres of music like hip hop, metal, soft rock or reggae. This particular potential that is found in the Malayalam song genres is so versatile in nature that you can not miss tapping your feet to the tunes. It varies from club remixes of evergreen hits like Kuyiline Thedi, Pavada Venam to the rock songs by different bands like Avial.

Top 10 Malayalam Songs 2017

The constant effort of various artists to make new Malayalam songs 2017 popular amongst youngsters provokes them to try some different types of music by mixing old melodies and folk songs with some funky hip hops or peppy numbers so that the youngsters feel connected to their mother tongue.

Top 10 New Malayalam Songs 2017 List

  1. Nokki Nokki (2017)
  2. Lailakame (2017)
  3. Emanmare Emanmare (2017)
  4. Paripparakkum Kili (2017)
  5. Kaate Kaate (2017)
  6. Njanum Njanumentaalum (2017)
  7. Thana Dhina (2017)
  8. Paiyye Veeshum (2017)
  9. Neelakasham (2017)
  10. Munneraan Samayamayi (2017)

If you like this list of Malayalam Songs you also visit Tamil Songs and Telugu Songs. The introduction of internet to the daily life of youngsters through different social media and information sites have paved way to new genres of music which were earlier preferred mostly in the western culture.

Best Malayalam Songs List 2017

  • Penne
  • Irulu Neelum Raave
  • Pranayamanithu
  • Leysa Aleysa
  • Ayalathe
  • Kadaniyum
  • Athimara Kombile by Shreya Ghoshal
  • Do Naina
  • Azhake
  • Poonkattey
  • Theeyame
  • Punnamada Kayal
  • Kalippu Katta Kalippu
  • Puthen Sooryan
  • Minungum Minnaminunge
  • Aakaasha Kuda
  • Parudeesayile
  • Onnurangi
  • La Vettam
  • Oru Puzhayarikil
  • Maarivillu
  • Ithuvazhi Oro Raavum

The words or lyrics used in latest Malayalam songs are basically taken from different folklores, poems and phrases which are used in your day to day life. This is something which is highly enjoyed by the youngsters where they can relate to their own life and get inspired to listen to them again and again. Most of the top Malayalam songs 2017 are found to be simple yet motivational in nature as they help inspire the listeners to develop a habit of understanding the culture and tradition of Kerala as a whole.

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