Top 10 Tamil Songs List 2017 New Melody Hits

The old Tamil songs have created a long-lasting impact on the listeners. It is a well-known fact that the music of Tamil Nadu has a rich culture and heritage and it goes back to thousands of years. Most of the songs are reflections of rich culture of the Tamil people. You can expect to find some of the best songs in Tamil movies and albums. The old Tamil songs still create a great impact among masses because of the melodies and lyrics involved in them. People cherish them and continue listening to them even today. As a Tamil music fan, you must be aware of this fact. Thus, you must also love listening to these songs. In fact, if you want to enjoy the best music, you can listen to the latest Tamil songs 2017. Each song is composed in different themes and styles, and they belong to different categories of music. In any case, you can be assured that you will love these songs because of their uniqueness.

Top Tamil Songs 2017

The style of composition, the lyrics and the way of singing are something with which you will be fascinated to a great extent. The songs will create a great effect, and continue ringing in your years even after a long time.

Top 10 Tamil Songs List 2017

  1. Uyirile Uyirile (2017)
  2. Happy New Yearu (2017)
  3. Enga Pora Dora (2017)
  4. Oxygen (2017)
  5. Chinna Kabali (2017)
  6. Kadavul Ezhuthum (2017)
  7. Veesum Kaathodadhaan (2017)
  8. Mudhal Murai (2017)
  9. Azhagiye (2017)
  10. Rangu Rakkara (2017)

Best of Tamil Songs List

  • Damaalu Dumeelu (2017)
  • Venpani Malarae (2017)
  • Mission To Sydney (2017)
  • Saarah Saarah (2017)
  • Yaarai Yaaridam (2017)
  • Vaazhu Vida Da (2017)
  • Na Re Na (2017)
  • Vidiyaa Vidiyaa (2017)
  • Alladhe Siragiye (2017)
  • Unn Kanavukal (2017)
  • Vaanam (2017)
  • Wifeh Lovvu (2017)
  • Kalla Manna (2017)
  • En Oruthiye (2017)

You should also be aware of the immense popularity of the tamil christian songs that have created a huge influence among lots of people. If you have not heard these songs, you are certainly missing something important. Each of these sings has some messages to communicate due to which you will love each of them. There are lots of sites on the internet that offers the opportunity to download them and listen to them. Thus, you should also go for the same at the earliest in order to grab your opportunity.

Latest New Tamil Songs 2017 List

  • Hola Senorita (2017)
  • Soorakaathu (2017)
  • Kaalai Theneer (2017)
  • Pookkal Methile (2017)
  • Mannenna Vepenna (2017)
  • Solli Tholaiyen Maa (2017)
  • Kooduvittu Koodu (2017)
  • Sokki Poraandi (2017)
  • Hola Amigo (2017)
  • Payya Payya (2017)
  • Sirika Vechu (2017)
  • Liftum Kooda (2017)
  • Pori Vaithu (2017)
  • Yaaro Yaaro Avan (2017)
  • Lifea Fightu Da (2017)
  • Kolai Ondrey (2017)
  • Sumar Moonji Kumaru (2017)
  • Mugam Theriyaa (2017)

Being a passionate fan of Tamil Music, you can go for Tamil songs free download so that you can listen to these songs at any device. If you have downloaded them, you can play any song anytime you want without any difficulty. It is true that, new Tamil songs 2017 list are released on a regular basis. If you are passionate about Tamil melody songs, you can take a look at the list of songs that are released every year. It is not always necessary that you will like all of them. Select the Tamil songs of your choice by listening to them online.

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