Top 10 Telugu Songs 2017 of the Week

Information on how Telugu Songs originated: In Andhra Pradesh, Telugu is the regional language which is a Dravidian Language. The importance to music begins right from the ancient culture. At the ancient period, music was in the form of poems which were widely mentioned in the Telugu Literature. Annamacharya has contributed a great tribute to the ancient Telugu songs. Few researches were made on the origin of the music in Andhra Pradesh. But it was very difficult in breaking out the mystery and gradually new Telugu songs 2017 were originated. Though, in Andhra, audiences prefer to hear diverse songs in distinctive languages but best Telugu songs have taken its special place among the listeners and also Tamil songs. Any celebration or occasion is incomplete without outstanding Telugu song.

Top 10 Telugu Songs

Whether, it is marriage, birth ceremony or engagement ceremony going on in family. Such songs are must to create mood and enjoyment among guests. Traditional songs, classical songs and folk songs are must in the Telugu culture of Andhra Pradesh.

Top 10 Telugu Songs April 2017 of the Week

  1. Saahore Baahubali
  2. Allabbi Allabbi
  3. Kannaa Nidurinchara
  4. Padhe Padhe
  5. Hamsa Naava
  6. Ne Zara
  7. Jivvu Jivvu
  8. Ukku Naram
  9. Oka Praanam
  10. Mira Mira Meesam

Top New Telugu Songs List 2017

  • Neeru Neeru
  • Kadhile Rangula Villura
  • Maha Padma Sadme
  • Netthimeeda Pettukunta
  • Kaliyuga Vaikuntapuri
  • Laage Laage
  • Pichonne Ayipoya
  • Veyi Naamaala Vaada
  • Champesaave Nannu
  • Arere Yekadda
  • Disturb Chestha Ninnu
  • Hailo Hailessare
  • Dandaalayyaa
  • Naalo Nenu
  • O Sakkanoda
  • Mellaga Tellarindoi
  • Akhilanda Koti
  • Yelo Yedarilo Vaana
  • Saaho Saarvabowma Saaho
  • Emo Emo
  • Gana Gana Gana
  • Ey Pataakey
  • Ammadu Let’s Do Kummudu
  • Adire Dada
  • Naa B C Centerlu
  • Ekimeedaa
  • Kamaneeyam Kaduramaneeyam
  • Bhajare Nandagopala

Types of Music: In Telugu, we can find many varieties in music. The different types of top Telugu songs are mentioned below:-

  • Carnatic music
  • Folk music
  • Ghana songs
  • Melody songs
  • Western music

The actual origin of new Telugu songs 2017 has melodious music and great composition that depicts the Andhra tradition and singing and playing such songs have become in ritual in the families. Many native singers have emerged in the state and have shown their talent in the composition of diverse latest Telugu songs. Though, new generation do not prefer to sing classical songs, they are more inclined towards the light music of films and cinemas. Folk songs are also light songs that give platform to dance and enjoyment. So, to keep these most popular Telugu songs live it is necessary to adapt it in our life.

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